MB Product Store

All premium accounts come with full e-commerce and a deluxe shopping cart system. You can set-up your own storefront and generate unlimited sales pages, each with customize tools, editable space, and product listings. Receipts and accounting records are automatic. This subscription is for all your products and services not just your music catalog.

The cost $25.00 one time payment.

  • All subscribed accounts come with priority support.
  • Subscribers receive advertising in the Beatz Product Store and on our affiliate network websites. This is in addition to a staggering amount of social media connectivity.
  • 6 Artist accounts to monetize your team.
  • You customize the Storefront Pricing and Products.
  • Priority radio play for new music for 30-45 days unlimited radio after that on a customized level.
  • Access to an ImixTV video account in which promotional videos can be embedded in your service products.
  • Blogging Access to promote your services.
  • Built in accounting access.
  • Likable playlist for your clients music.
  • Create your own custom categories.
  • Link to singles, EP’S and albums.
  • Easy checkout options.
  • Must have PayPal account.
  • There is a $0.30 processing fee so price accordingly.
  • Many usable features for those looking to increase their product locations.


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