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MixBiz Radio is a music streaming platform for on-demand music. Allows artists to submit their music for promotion.  The mobile app is available for Android devices. Enter your information below to receive updates on new music and more from the station.

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We provide Artist Services that will do the setup and provide promotion. When we say help, It’s more about getting you in front of more people than your current daily efforts. We love when someone shares our links. We will do it daily, weekly and monthly. We use social media, email blast and radio to keep good music in front of listeners. Our audience includes the States and countries over seas.

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Software Developer

250 MB Of Space For Music

Unlimited Radio Play

Much Much More

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Digital Interview

These interviews are placed in our blog for sharing and promotional purposes.

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A lot has changed since we spoke last. We have couple new platforms for artist promotion. It’s crazy how life get’s in the way and we need an outlet at those times to help with our music administration.

We Got You!!!

You can always setup user accounts in our networks for FREE. We know as well as you that time doesn’t wait for anyone. We also know good music doesn’t have an expiration date. To be successful as an artist you have to willing to invest in that good music. For indie artist time is always an issue.

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  • MB User Account
  • Upload Music/Videos
  • Add Social Media Links
  • 4 Track Radio Play
  • MB Social Media Promo

Artist Services


  • Account Setup
  • 2 Week Email Blast
  • Marketplace Price Tracking
  • MB Social Media Promo
  • Unlimited Radio Play

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  • Account Setup
  • 4 Week Email Blast
  • Customer Support
  • 30 Day MB Social Media Promo
  • Distro Link Promo
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Become a programmer on your own time. Our affiliate stations are available for your hour long podcast. Must convert to MP3. The support team will work with you until you master the radio technology. The video format can be added to MB Mixtapes. Contact us for the details. We also have options for you to run your own station.

Click that below button to check the ISTREAM station.

Click that below button to check the IMIXFM station.

Click that below button to check the EKLIPZ station.

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